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Young Muslim Voices

Young Muslim Voices

A youth- led initiative that develops young leaders from marginalised communities to have a voice and influence decision making

Campaign managed by: Noori.Bibi

Young Muslim Voices has been running since 2007. The aim of the project is to give young people who are disengaged and marginalised a voice and a platform to raise awareness on issues impacting them and bridge the gap between these groups of young people and decision makers so that they are involved in decision making that affects their lives. The project has engaged over 3000 disengaged groups of young people in Islington within 2 years and young people have mobilised around racism, policing, eqalutiy and access to services in their ares, young womens issues, young asylum seekers and refugees, how services are run to name a few. The project is youth led and the agendas and projects are taken by young people. WE have enjoyed great success and really made a lot of noise in Islington through arts, media, conferences and events. The YMV family continues to grow and young people who are very disempowered are now great leaders and doing great work in the community. We have seen the launch of Gempower, a project aimed a giving young women a voice; Jubba, a youth led programme that engages with Somali youth through sports and mentoring and gives them a platform to campaign on issues affecting their communities. Films made by our young refugee and asylum seekers have been screened in film festivals across the world and two award winning anti racism festivals organised by our young people (engaging 1000's) as well as a youth led conference engaging decision makers and leaders have really helped get the message across and we have seen changes in local serives and decision making.
I was inspired to do this work as I was one of those young people many moons ago and have had to overcome some of the same challanges and barriers that these groups face. My academic background is in Psycology and Sociology and I have done community work and youth work for 12 years. I am currently studying an MA in Islam, society and politics. I continue to be amazied at the passion and strength of young people and what they are capable of. Everyday I am inspired. Also now more than ever with how the political climate is and how this impacts young people, more work needs to be done in bringing out these groups and giving them a voice and developing their confidence in being able to campaign on issues important to them. With this in mind, YMv has now become an independant organisation and we are branching out to the boroughs.

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