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Understanding the rights and restrictions. Know how to use the law
13th October 2015 - 15th March 2016
27th November 2015 - 29th November 2015
What is your vision?
How to communicate your vision and key messages
Funding your campaign
Need money to take your campaign to the next level?
Mobilise support
Get help from others to achieve your campaign goals
Using the media
How to work positively with the media
Influencing decision-makers
How to win over the people making the decisions
Techniques, tools & tactics
You know what you want to achieve, but what next?
Using the Internet
Learn how the internet can help you become a more effective campaigner
Quick campaign tips
No time? At least take a look at these top tips!
Featured Camapigns
Zero Carbon Britain

Zero Carbon Britain

zerocarbonbritain details how Britain can eliminate emissions from fossil fuels and break our dependence on imported energy. It demonstrates how we can achieve this by halving energy demand and installing massive renewable energy generation

Young Muslim Voices

Young Muslim Voices

A youth- led initiative that develops young leaders from marginalised communities to have a voice and influence decision making

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Heritage Project Volunteer at SMK

SMK is looking for volunteers to assist with the development of our exciting new heritage project The Mark of A Great Campaigner
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General Election 2015: Do the normal rules apply?

In the lead up to the General Election Brian Lamb takes a look at some of the things campaigners should keep in mind.
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