Campaigns can be run for very little money. But if you need money to take your campaign to the next level, read on…

In the age of the internet, where you can communicate with people through websites, blogs, social networking sites, a lot of campaigning work can be done virtually for free. However, even very small campaigns may well need financial resources. This section of the website explores how you might get financial support for your campaign.

As there is already a lot of useful information about fundraising for campaigning we have kept this section quite short, and provide pointers to further information out there.

Further information

Wikifund has a wealth of fundraising information on it including:

  • Individual giving
  • Strategy
  • Tax matters
  • Governance
  • Community fundraising

You can also read the chapter on ‘Financing for campaign’s’ in The Campaigning Handbook by Mark Lattimer.

Friends of the Earth have written a useful general guide to fundraising for grassroots for campaigners, from which we have just included a few points below. To read it in full click here.

  1. Undertake street collections (although you will need to seek permission from your local council or the Police)
  2. Organise pub quizzes and raffles (although you will need to register with the Gaming Board of Great Britain), tournaments and sponsored events.
  3. Hold stalls at events that are organised by others
  4. Auction goods on Ebay
  5. Apply for awards that support voluntary endeavour and achievement.
  6. Register yourself as potential recipients of funds from events such as rag weeks and marathons
  7. Identify individuals who may donate larger sums of money and develop a relationship with them.