So, you know what you want to achieve, but what is it you actually do to get there?
There are a wide array of ways in which your campaign can take shape. If resources allow, it is advisable to use a portfolio of tactics. Some might capture the imagination of some of your (potential) supporters but won’t attract others. Most tactics will probably not have the desired impact on your target(s) but one or two might.

Whatever range of tactics you use, integrate them into a coherent plan, so that you are not just being ‘scattergun’ in your approach. Think carefully about what tactics might work (and indeed which might backfire), be imaginative, and wherever possible try to actually enjoy it! Dedicated campaigners can burn themselves out if they’re not careful, so it’s important to make sure that your campaign activities are something that you and your supporters actually enjoy.

Many techniques, tools and tactics actually discussed elsewhere in this website so do please also have a look at the sections on Petitions, Using the media, Influencing decision makers, Using the internet and Using the law to achieve your goals.

Further information
Mark Lattimer’s ‘The Campaigning Handbook’ is perhaps the most comprehensive examination of the range of tactics that are available to campaigners. However, as it was last published in 2000, it is not the best source if information about online campaigning tactics.

Detailed information about ‘e-campaigning’ can be found on The Right Ethos website, under the section ‘e-campaigning’.