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Conservation and Preservation of Water

Conservation and Preservation of Water

Water is the elixir of life.So proper water management, utilization of natural resources and creating awareness to the people to save the water is the need of the hour.

Campaign managed by: Priya
Categories: environment
Campaign location: India

Water is the most important issue for the existence of life on earth.
The water bodies are going to be exhausted in near future. This is the time to conserve and preserve our water resources in the world. This project is aimed to save the precious water resources in the world.
The Environmental friendly innovative technological project on “Increasing Underground Water Resources” was innovated in 2006.
*In y We all are talking about global warming, green house effect, melting of snow and pollution etc. But so far none has thought about the serious impact of the decreasing level of our underground water resources on earth. Water is the elixir of life. Scientists are of the opinion that if the underground water resources are used excessively without any control soon our under groundwater resources will be exhausted and will have a bad impact on our eco-system and the world will become a desert soon. So proper water management, utilization of natural resources and creating awareness to the people to save the water is the need of the hour. All plants, trees, forests depend upon water resources. They take their food and water from inside the earth or rain. If the underground water exhausted they will die their own death. There will be no life on the earth. It has been reports from some parts of the country due to decreasing underground water level the trees, plants and forests has been vanished. Today there is no exact measurement of the bad effect of decreasing underground water level on the plants, tress, forests and on life. But it is sure if this situation goes on the plants, trees and forests will disappear and earth will become a desert soon.
Keeping in view of gravity of the situation I have innovated useful techniques of rainwater harvesting to increase the underground water resources which is useful for the conservation and preservation of precious water in the world.

The innovative techniques/ideas given in the project “Increasing Underground Water Resources” has been recognized by the Govt. of India, UNEP and organizations worldwide. The useful eco-friendly innovative techniques are Funnel System, Polythene cover System, Less Water for Plants-Growing plants in sand, gravel, liquid without adding soil, Pits/ recharge well system and other useful ideas in my project.
These techniques/ ideas suggested in the project are universally applicable, globally novel, non-obvious, cost effective, eco-friendly, utilitarian and can be applied anywhere in the world to save precious underground water resources in the world to preserve water for the future generations and to save the earth and environment to become a desert. These rain water harvesting methods are itself a proof of the increased water level when used these techniques and are the best systems of water conservation. These are people friendly and easy systems. One can use these system anywhere on land, buildings, fields or hilly places to save water. These methods can be used by the people from generation to generation to save precious water on the earth

This project is available in various database i.e. Conrad Foundation USA, Teens Planet earth, Takingit Global, Roots & Shoots USA and others. This project has been displayed in the International Project Gallery-2007 by the UNEP (Volvo adventure) at Goteburg, Sweden, telecasted in the pogo channel on 12-11-2006, copies has been sent to UNO, UNDP, UNICEF,WB, Water aids UK, and other national and international organization with the appeal to adopt these useful techniques to save precious water. My environmental friendly Innovative Project on “ Increasing Underground Water Resources” has been accepted and recognized by the National Innovation Foundation of India, Ministry of Science and Technology, Govt. of India, New Delhi and has been appreciated by the Delhi Jal Board, Delhi Sarkar, Chandigarh Administration Kerala and other various states and shown interest to implement the same.. The Project/ innovative ideas has also received worldwide recognition. The Project has also been displayed in the International Project Gallery 2007 by the United Nation Environment Programme at Goteburg, Sweden and has been displayed by the Pogo Channel on 12 November 2006. Keeping view of my outstanding work to save environment in such small age I have been awarded State Award, National Youth Award 2007 by Govt. of India, Pogo Amazing Kid leader Award 2006, Disaster Management Kid Award from Govt. of USA, and International Diana Award from Mr. Gordan Brown, Hon’ Prime Minister of UK in 2009.
I have contributed to the protection, restoration and enhancement of environment and successfully solved the decreasing level of underground water level in the world and succeeded in bringing to public notice through my efforts and by print and media, this burning issue towards a global action to solve this problem in the world and my success stories has been published in Teens planet earth, YPWC website, TakingITGlobal, and other websites and media. I may request the young generations to protect the mother earth and its precious resources.

The Project can be viewed at the given website:-

Campaign goals
  1. Water conservation
  2. Rain Water Harvesting
  3. Proper Utilization of Water
  4. Protect underground water resources
  5. Save environment
  6. Increase Underground Water Resources
  7. Save life
  8. Save Earth
  9. Water Preservation
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